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Based in Western Canada, Serving North America

Nichols offers civil and geotechnical engineering services to a wide range of clients and industries. From subsoil investigations and slope stability analysis to site surveys and civil design work, we have you covered. If you have a civil or geotechnical project but don’t know where to start, contact us today! We’d love to chat with you about your project.

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Earthwork designs
  • Grading and stormwater management design
  • Material volume and construction cost estimates
  • Tender preparation
  • Contract administration
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality control/quality assurance inspections

We use GPS or Leica Total Stations and perform civil design work using AutoCAD 3D software to design and construct various earthwork structures.

Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers will work with you through every step of your project. From start to finish we’ll be there to guide the way, using innovative technology to benefit your project, including:

  • Topographic site surveys using GPS
  • Grading plan design using AutoCAD Civil 3D software
  • Tender preparation and contractor bid review
  • Earthworks construction survey layout
  • Construction supervision
  • Property stormwater management design
  • Quality assurance: foundation/pile inspections and site proof roll inspections


Our project management services also include:

Regulatory Negotiations & Assistance

We will leverage our relationships with provincial and federal regulatory agencies and can assist with negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Expert Testimony

We provide expert review and testimony as it relates to environmental and civil engineering problems. We’ve acted for various law firms and made presentations at settlement conferences and Development Appeal Board hearings.

Construction Monitoring

Drawing on our years of industry experience in civil construction, our team will work with you to provide strategic solutions to ensure your project is completed as per specifications, on schedule, and within budget. Construction monitoring services include:

  • On-site management of contractors
  • Foundation/pile inspections
  • Compaction and construction material testing
  • Geosynthetics installation
  • Excavation stability inspections
  • Retaining wall construction inspections
  • Grade stacking and quantity surveys
Civil Design

Civil Design

Using the most up-to-date modeling software, we provide innovative solutions to maximize design and minimize time. Focusing on client and project objectives within industrial, commercial, residential, and rural development areas, we’ll provide you with a civil design that is tailored to your needs, including:

  • Preliminary designs and planning
  • Sanitary sewer design and distribution
  • Storm sewer and water management design
  • Road design
  • Overland stormwater grading design
  • Upstream oil and gas lease design

Our civil design services also include:

Water Reservoir Design and Management

Our team will design and manage the construction of water reservoirs of all sizes. Our services include preliminary geotechnical drilling, foundation and berm design, slope stability modeling, on-site grade control, and quality management/as-built surveys/design and completion reporting. Over the years, in partnership with upstream oil and gas companies, we have completed numerous water reservoirs ranging in capacity from 60,000 m3 to 500,000 m3.

Retaining Wall Design and Construction Monitoring

Together with our geotechnical and slope stability study services, we can act as the local engineer for third-party retaining wall designs. Services include a review of existing geotechnical information, design or review of an existing design, and on-site inspections during wall construction.

Yard Development & Site Grading Design

Our professionals provide design, modelling, and drafting of a site grading plan that meets our clients’ requirements.  This involves understanding our clients’ needs and constraints while balancing those against existing site subsurface/ surface and environmental conditions to provide a cost effective long-term solution. Nichols has completed numerous site grading designs for sites ranging from wellsites to industrial facilities to commercial and residential developments.   

Site Development

Site Design and Development

Going beyond site design, Nichols can also help you with detailed project-specific site development including:

  • Earthworks quantities and specifications
  • Asphalt and concrete specifications
  • Geosynthetic specifications
  • QA/QC inspection and testing

Stormwater Management & Design

Nichols offers stormwater management for developments of all sizes. Using the PCSWMM program, Nichols will deliver varying forms of stormwater management. From design and sizing of the drainage system components for flood control to flood plain mapping of the natural channels, we can manage everything in between.

Municipal Engineering & Design

This involves the design, approval, and construction of civil engineering works in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, and beyond. We are committed to delivering services that help our clients provide fundamental facilities including a safe supply of drinking water, collection and treatment of domestic waste and stormwater, and the design and build of sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and all other amenities that enhance the standard of living within a community.

Geotechnical Engineering

Nichols provides geotechnical consulting and investigation services specializing in foundation recommendations, top-of-bank assessments, slope stability analysis, landslide remediation, excavation stability, dewatering requirements, retaining wall design, and project management services.

Since 1999 we’ve completed thousands of investigations, including:

  • Site investigations for various commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities
  • Frost heaving evaluation and remedial plan for a freezer warehouse
  • Deep auger and coring to recover bentonitic shale to evaluate slope stability
Slope Stability

Slope Stability

Through slope stability analysis we can provide recommendations for safe and economic development near natural or human-made slopes (e.g., developments near embankments, road cuts, open-pit mining, excavations, landfills, earthen berms, etc.). Results from our analysis can be used in both design and review applications.

Foundation Design

Recommend Foundation Strategies

We will provide recommendations and soil properties for foundation design. Our engineering team will leverage their experience to evaluate options to meet existing soil properties, ensuring a suitable and cost-effective strategy (including evaluation of shallow and deep foundation strategies).

Roadway Design

Roadway Pavement Design

As part of our geo civil engineering services, Nichols will design site-specific pavement structures based on your needs, subgrade strength, traffic counts, and applicable design standards and guidelines. Our team will provide design thickness of asphalt, granular base/sub-base course, and prepared subgrade layers and will recommend material specifications. We work with a variety of commercial and industrial use roadways and parking lots, including:

  • Quality and sustainable pavement ideas
  • Light-duty and heavy-duty pavement structures
  • Flexible and rigid pavements
  • Rehabilitation of existing pavement structures
  • Subgrade stabilization

Our engineers can recommend geosynthetics for subgrade stabilization and reduction of granular base thickness. Nichols has close relationships with various geosynthetic suppliers and stays up to date on the latest geosynthetic materials.

Materials Testing in Alberta

Our in-house material testing services include basic soil index tests as moisture content, Atterberg limits, and grain size distribution (Sieve and Hydrometer Test).  Working with preferred partner laboratories we can fulfill the on-site construction material testing requirements of our clients. 

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