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We’re here for you! As your environmental and engineering partner, our team is invested in your success. Through providing full-service environmental, geotechnical/civil engineering, hazardous building materials, and spill response consulting, we leverage our technical expertise to meet the needs of your project and provide solutions to your problems. Nichols will work with you to provide the following services:

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Environmental Services

Environmental Site Assessments

Through Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), we not only identify present and potential contaminants on your site – we will also identify risks and provide risk assessment, an estimate of the potential risks, and suggestions on managing any contamination.

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Physical & Contaminant Hydrology/ Hydrogeology

Our team uses science-based techniques to analyze the occurrence, distribution, and movement of contaminants in water below and on the earth’s surface. Once contaminants are identified, we’ll implement innovative and proven technology for subsurface remediation.

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Site Remediation and Reclamation​

We bring the experience and capability to manage all aspects of underground petroleum storage tank removal. Working in collaboration with you, we’ll develop and execute a plan tailored to your site, your needs, and your goals.

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Petroleum Storage Tank (AST/UST) Removal​

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Spill Response

If you’re stuck dealing with a spill, we are just a call away. Our 24-hour spill response line is ready to answer your call to deploy our team who will implement our effective emergency response program, reducing potential environmental liabilities you may face due to an inadvertent release or incident.

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Truck Spill Response
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Hazardous Building Materials Assessment

Buildings or structures built before the mid-80s may have potentially hazardous materials. Our team will conduct assessments where we inspect and/or sample to identify typical hazardous materials through abatement monitoring or air quality testing.

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We can gather air samples to monitor the effectiveness of containment during abatement programs.

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Assessing commercial/industrial indoor air quality (IAQ), looking for potential hazards such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particle matter (dust, silica), welding gases, mould spores, asbestos, and radon.

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Engineering Services

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering services include earthwork designs, grading and stormwater management design, material volume and construction cost estimates, tender preparation, contract administration, construction supervision, and quality control/quality assurance inspections.

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Geotechnical Engineering

Offering geotechnical consulting and investigation services primarily in foundation recommendations, top-of-bank assessments, slope stability analysis, landslide remediation, excavation stability, dewatering requirements, retaining wall design, and project management.

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Materials Testing

Our in-house material testing services include basic soil index tests as moisture content, Atterberg limits, and grain size distribution (Sieve and Hydrometer Test).  Working with preferred partner laboratories we fulfill the on-site construction material testing requirements of our clients.

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Other Services

Nichols offers other services to meet the unique needs of your business operations. Our team will provide you with technological expertise in the following areas:

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Data acquired using drones (UAVs) can aid in numerous projects including large property ESAs, stormwater management, remediation monitoring, spill assessments, receptor identification, monitoring earthwork progress, and updated aerial photographs of facilities.

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We are in full compliance with the standards of ISNetworld, AVETTA, and Comply Works. Our services include pre and post-disturbance assessments, environmental field reports, site-specific liability assessments, drilling waste management, injection and disposal well requirements, oilfield waste management requirements, spill response, site assessment, site remediation, and reclamation.

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