Emergency Spill Response

We understand how disruptive a spill can be. Our team is on-call to respond to environmental incidents across western Canada and the Northwest Territories. We’ll apply our effective Emergency Response Program to handle any type of spill, helping reduce potential environmental liabilities for our clients. We have responded to numerous spills relating to transportation (tractor-trailer), pipeline, rail, and industrial storage tanks, agriculture, and commercial properties.

Contaminants include:

  • Fuels
  • Crude oil
  • Chemicals and fertilizers

Our response programs include:

  • Installation and operation of dual-phase vacuum extraction (DPVE)
  • Air stripping towers
  • Spill booms
  • Cut-off dams to control contaminant migration

Working with initial response workers, we can manage spills in a cost-effective and responsible manner helping to reduce our clients’ liability. Leveraging our network of contractor affiliations our team provides timely and cost-effective spill response management.

An important factor in any release is the regulatory process and closure reporting. Nichols maintains a strong working relationship with regulatory authorities, in order to better assist our clients in managing their releases.

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